Onwards and Upwards!

Olivia Hill

Onwards and Upwards!

09 Sep 2019 Comments Closed 1842 Views

Hello there! It’s your friendly Ice Village blogger here, keeping you informed with all that’s going on down at Ice Village HQ, ready for November 8th!

We have been very busy this week, I don’t think any of us have left our laptops!

First of all, we had the amazing Ice Village 2019 reveal in Cathedral Gardens on the 3rd of September, and we are so thankful that so many of you came down to support us, and even had photos taken on the Ice Throne!


Our baby ice dragon and ice throne were shown off to the public in Manchester at our Ice Village 2019 reveal! Credit: Jody Hartley

And, if that wasn’t enough, our tickets are now live for you to get your hands on, so we hope you will come down and see us when Ice Village is in full swing, because…. well… the ice sculptures do give us the ‘cold shoulder’ when it comes to conversation…

In the meantime, we hope you have a lovely week, and see you soon for our next blog!

Manchester Ice Village Team.